Additional Term and Conditions for Pre-Test, Test Technique and Euro Test Participants


“Trainee(s)”: Paying or paid for clients that will be training with The French Snowsports Academy in Serre Chevalier, FRANCE. They are also known in France as “Stagiere(s)”.

“TFSA”: The French Snowsports Academy.


Due to the physical demands and challenging nature of these specialist courses, it is essential that all potential Pre-Test; Test Technique & Eurotest participants read, understand and agree to these following terms & conditions in addition to the GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS (hyperlink) which you should by now have already read through.

The principal goal of The French Snowsports Academy is that every participant has an enjoyable and successful experience whatever course they are on and whatever aspirations they may have.

We know that TFSA training programs require a higher level of dedication, physical fitness, determination and commitment than alternative instructor courses and as a general rule it is only open to persons between the ages of 18 & 30 with exceptions in certain circumstances.

In the interest of enjoyment, wellbeing, safety or personal development as a skier it is important to note that TFSA reserve the right to refuse, at anytime, a trainee's continuation in any of the Pre-Test; Test Technique & Eurotest programs if they are deemed unsuitable for the training involved. With this in mind we have developed a recruitment process specifically designed to minimise the chances of participants refusal on any of our courses once the course has started. READ ON:


Following an initial enquiry all trainees are requested to fill out a questionnaire and/or partake in a formal interview with Christian Delafield, the TFSA international director. This is an obligation before going any further in the booking process. The trainee understands that this interview is to determine their background in skiing and their objectives for the future, as well as ascertaining - to the best of our ability - whether or not they are physically and technically suited to this training program. The trainee therefore understands that it is imperative that they communicate to the best of their understanding both their physical condition and skiing ability. You are investing a lot of money in these training programs and we feel it is important to maximise your potential and get your moneys worth.


If you are reading this then you are one step closer to paying your deposit or having a deposit paid on your behalf and thereby reserving your place on one or our winter sports programs.


The trainee understands that by paying their deposit they are confirming that they have read both the GENERAL TFSA Terms & Conditions (hyperlink) as well as these Additional Terms & Conditions.

The Trainee understands that once the TFSA have receipt of payment for the deposit then the trainee is thereby fully entered into a contractual agreement.

The trainee accepts and understands that these courses are training programs and that no certification is issued following completion of one or any of these training programs.

The trainee understands that the Pre-test training program is essentially focussed on developing individuals skiing abilities in preparation for the French or any other European & International ski instructing qualification whilst also developing a foundation in technical skiing, all-terrain skiing mountain safety and ski racing.

The trainee understands that the Test Technique and Euro Test training programs are specific race training programs focused accordingly on stages of the French National Ski Instructing Diploma. However, this training also offers the technical skiing foundation that is required as part of most European and International instructing qualifications.

The trainee understands that applicants in the Test Technique and Eurotest training will enroll retrospectively for their relevant examinations assuming that it is deemed safe & in accordance with the advice of the technical director & TFSA.

The trainee understands that success in these examinations is entirely down to the ability of the individual on the day of the examinations that take place in January and in March unless otherwise specified. TFSA and its suppliers will do the best they can to ensure that trainees are fully-prepared for these examinations.

The trainee understands that there are no qualifications issued with this training program. It is the objective of the trainee to raise their level of skiing to the standard required by the French sporting authorities, or any other authority, to pass these examinations. TFSA aspire to train the trainee to the best of their ability and increase their level of their skiing as best as they possibly can whilst taking into consideration day-to-day and seasonal weather conditions. 


The Trainee understands that the first week of skiing and or pre-season training is deemed an initiation period. This is an opportunity for TFSA to assess both the trainees’ physical and technical skiing ability.

During the 1st weeks ski training (this will take place at some point during the first month), the trainee may be refused entry on to the course. This may also occur during the first week of pre-season training in extreme circumstances if the trainees’ physical health is perceived to be a danger to themselves and/or other trainees.

The trainee understands that refusal on the course is linked to the safety issues concerned with their level of skiing and/or their physical fitness. Refusal on the course does not mean that they cannot re-apply the following season.

The trainee understands that assessment of levels will take place at the end of the first week of skiing. However the TFSA reserves a right to refuse the trainees continuation on the course at any point during the winter season should the trainees physical condition or level of skiing be considered inadequate OR their behavior considered to pose a danger to other trainees. The trainee understands that it is therefore important for them to ensure that they are present everyday with the exception of illness and injury so that they may keep up with the continuity of the training program.


The trainee understands that TFSA and its suppliers retain the right to transfer or move any trainee between any of the courses listed below at any point should it be deemed necessary:




The trainee also understands that any changes that are implemented will be mandatory but they will not be without explanation. The trainee understands however that the decision of TFSA and any suppliers is final.


The trainee agrees that if they are refused entry on the course (following the first week of ski training) then they will be refunded as follows:                                                                                            

  1. If the trainee wishes to remain within the resort and find their own accommodation (lift-pass included) then they will get a 60% course refund if a replacement for their board and lodging is found.

  2. If the trainee wishes to remain in the accommodation that will be provided then they will get a 25% course refund whilst lift-pass, board and lodging remain included for the season.

  3. If the trainee wishes to leave the resort then they will get an 60% course refund if a suitable replacement is found for their board and lodging.

  4. If there is no replacement for their board and lodging and the trainee wishes to leave then they will only get a 30% refund of the course total.

  5. N.B. The lift-pass in non-transferable and the property of TFSA.


The trainee understands that this is a training federation and not a ski school. WE DO NOT WAIT FOR STRAGGLERS!

The trainee understands that they are required to be present and available Monday - Friday from 08.45 - 17.00hrs.

The trainee understands that in the instance that they are unable to make training due to illness or injury then they must notify the Technical Director of their training program by text message with their name and brief explanation of circumstances included in the message. They are also required to notify TFSA offices by email should their absence exceed a 24 hour period i.e. more than 1 working day.

The trainee understands that should they wish to take leave of absence then this entirely at their own discretion however they must notify the TFSA offices no less than 48 hours in advance. TFSA offers no refund for any time missed on any of our courses for any reason.

The trainee understands that failure to justify their absence on a training program to TFSA offices after 24 hours could jeopardise their place on the course in the instance that their attitude is brought into question.

The trainee understands that the contact email is



Upon your arrival in France you are required to bring a cheque or cash to the value of €250-00 OR £250-00 and written to the order of:


The trainee understands that this is not an additional charge and all cheques or cash will be returned to them at the end of the season provided that the accommodation where they are staying is returned in the condition that it was received.

Damage to any accommodation does not include general wear and tear however it does include any replacement of unreported damage or loss to any item or integrity that is within the boundaries of the accommodation.

For example: If the toaster breaks and it is not reported immediately then this is the responsibility of the trainees. The same goes for all appliances and integral parts of any accommodation e.g. the kitchen sink.

You will be required to adhere to the house rules that will be clearly laid out and are designed keep living conditions as hygienic and sociable as possible.

The trainee understands that if their behaviour is considered anti-social - unpleasant - vulgar and/or is brought to the attention of the TFSA by other trainees then it will be the decision of TFSA to take action accordingly. Where necessary we reserve the right to remove any trainee from their accommodation. In this instance no refund shall be offered and the trainee waivers the right to dispute this decision.


The trainee understands that TFSA does not encourage working during the training period.

The trainee understands that TFSA is not responsible for helping individuals on the course or remaining for the season to find work within the resort.

The TFSA will do their best to offer complimentary advice to persons looking for work however they cannot offer any guarantee of success when looking for seasonal placements, nor can they ensure a dedicated amount of TFSA time concerning the issue.

It is 100% the responsibility of the trainee to find work for themselves if they so wish.

The trainee understands that any involvement in employment in France is not the responsibility of TFSA and that the trainee is entirely responsible for any actions they may take concerning employment in France. This includes:

- during, before and after the training period.

The trainee understands that working during the training period may affect their personal skiing performance and that as a result it is not the fault of the TFSA or the Training Federation should they suffer from injury, illness, fatigue or absence of any kind during the season.


The trainee understands that they have been informed of the importance of fitness levels when arriving for training in the month of November.

The trainee will receive a training package to help them with their training as soon as their deposit is paid. They are however encouraged to seek advice from a professional trainer to aid their development.

The trainee understands that TFSA is not responsible for any illness, fatigue, injury or absence of any kind that my occur during the winter season. Wellbeing is entirely the responsibility of the trainee.


The TFSA is not responsible for persons injured during training at any point in the season and they are not responsible for providing refunds to the trainee should they be absent for any period of training. Any dispute in the event of serious injury shall be handled by the French authorities in conjunction with protocol. The trainee understands that skiing is a dangerous sport and there is always a risk of accidents occurring.


The trainee agrees that TFSA reserves the right to remove them from the training program at any point during the season from start to finish should their behavior be deemed a danger to themselves or to other trainees on the course. 

The trainee also understands that TFSA reserve the right to remove them from the training program or their accommodation should their behavior be perceived as antisocial and disruptive or unpleasant towards others.


The trainee understands that any decision concerning the trainee will be made by the TFSA Race Trainers (Vincent Lebertrand), the Auberge Director (Danielle Feldtrauer) and TFSA Course Director (Christian Delafield).

The trainee agrees: any decision to remove them from the training program cannot be questioned or disputed by the trainee but will not be without explanation.

The trainee understands that smoking inside TFSA premises, alcohol abuse and the use of recreational drugs are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

The trainee agrees to adhere and contribute to house rules that will be presented to them at the start of the winter season.


The trainee understands that in the instance where there is a shortage of participants on a specific training program then we are no longer able to justify selling the training and board & lodging as a complete package. TFSA will keep you informed as to any changes no later than 6 weeks preceding the start date of your course.

In the instance that we are unable to provide board & lodging the trainee understands that they will be given a refund of 50% of the course total with which to pay for their own board and lodging. TFSA promise to honour this by helping the trainee or trainees involved in finding suitable accommodation for the season based on their circumstances.

The race training will run as usual - lift-pass included.

Please note that this training centre is frequented by French nationals and Internationals. You are International and you will be joining a group of French Nationals. This is why our courses always run every year and have done for over 50 years.

IMPORTANT: If you have a French passport then please let us know before going any further in the booking process.


The trainee is responsible for their insurance. Participation in training will be refused until the trainee has secured a suitable insurance. This should be copied and sent to TFSA offices before the start of the course. The trainee will be refused involvement in any training until such time that the insurance details have been received.


The trainee understands that this is an adult education program and therefore they must be 18 years of age before the start of the course in order to participate.

The trainee understands that they are entirely responsible for their own actions for the duration of the 20-week period with regards to the consumption of alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances.

The trainee understands that they are also fully responsible for any damage that they might cause to any property and personal belongings that concern or are associated with anyone in the town of Briancon and the Serre Chevalier Valley, France. 

The trainee understands that they are responsible for any actions taken by them that may lead to harming themselves and/or their fellow trainees.

The trainee understands that in order to complete this booking they are now required to pay a deposit thereby declaring that they agree to these and all Terms & Conditions provided on TFSA website.

Thank you enormously for you patience and diligence in reading the above and we sincerely look forward to seeing you in France.