About TFSA

With over 50 years of experience training school and university leavers to become ski instructors in France, The French Snowsports Academy or "Ski Formation" as it is fondly known in France, has led the way in introducing international participants to world-class French ski training. Having been lucky enough to experience this training for himself, before it was more widely available, British born TFSA director (Christian Delafield) decided to join forces with Danielle Feldtrauer, director of the Fédération Unie des Auberges de Jeunesse in Serre Chevalier. After 40 years of training French nationals to become ski instructors, it was now time for the Auberge to open its doors to the wider world and invite international participants onto their awe-inspiring training programs.

Christian Delafield, TFSA Director

Christian Delafield, TFSA Director

Their vision has enabled Brits, Norwegians, Dutch, Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians & Americans (amongst others) to hone their skills on the slopes under the guidance of some of the very best race trainers in the industry. Whether you want to dramatically improve your technique or embark on a career as a ski instructor, TFSA courses provide a unique opportunity to train with like minded individuals, as well as some of the best “Formateurs” in the world.

TFSA courses provide a unique opportunity to train with the best

We offer 3 specialist courses: 

Pre Test Training: This is perfect for physically fit & competent skiers looking to develop their all-round skills in the mountains. The course may be considered an end in itself (maybe as a gap year after school or university) or as a stepping-stone to prepare for the tests required to become a ski instructor in France or elsewhere.

Test Technique Training: This focuses on preparing participants for the notoriously challenging "Test Technique" special slalom examination. This is the entry level examination for the French National Ski Diploma, a prerequisite for anyone wishing to work in a ski school in France without a full European diploma or equivalent.

Eurotest Training: This is geared towards helping you pass the infamous giant slalom "Speed Test” whilst rigorously developing technical and all-terrain skiing. The Eurotest is stage 3 of the French National Ski Diploma & also a compulsory element of all European qualifications. It is also necessary if you are fully-qualified anywhere else in the world and looking to an equivalent qualification so that you can work in France. 

Intensive ski training in Serre Chevalier

Have the experience of a lifetime with TFSA

Taking one of our courses is sure to dramatically improve your skiing, whether you are simply looking to become a better skier or you need help to boost your technical skiing in preparation for technical examinations as part of a ski qualification.

French standards are notoriously rigorous and none of the courses we offer should be underestimated or taken lightly. However, if you are physically fit, a competent skier and seriously committed to putting in some hard work this winter, we are confident that you will have the experience of a lifetime with TFSA. 

Contact us and we will advise you personally as to the course that is best suited to your aspirations and professional situation.